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Our Happy Clients

"Miles Lawson is an extremely talented designer, creative individual, and a trustworthy friend. I can’t say enough about the guy who believes and executes on our ideas to change the world".

Steven Howell Founder, Wave Hanson

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No Wasted Motion is a collaborative project between Miles Lawson and Mark Webb that promotes a lifestyle of ambition and progress. Through a range of apparel and accessories, this project aims to motivate and empower go-getters everywhere to take risks and strive for greatness. Explore our recent projects to be inspired and learn more about how No Wasted Motion is making an impact.

Our design services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your apparel brand. Our team of experienced designers can create a comprehensive brand guide, develop creative concepts, create a unique color pallet, develop tech packs, and create impactful marketing materials. We strive to create designs that are both visually stunning and capture your brand's unique voice.


Motionboys Entertainment, 2022-CURRENT

MotionBoys Entertainment is an entertainment company that specializes in providing apparel, branding, and recording services to artists. While the primary source of income currently comes from apparel sales, the company intends to expand its revenue streams to include income from services.


The company aims to solve the problem of talented artists struggling to make it in the industry due to a lack of knowledge and infrastructure. MotionBoys Entertainment intends to address this by providing services such as marketing, consulting, and management.

The company plans to initially focus on building a strong fanbase and community by selling apparel. Once the brand has gained visibility and a significant market share, the business will expand into other areas of revenue generation with the appropriate infrastructure in place.


Almighty VISION, 2017

Almighty Vision was founded on the principle that clothes have the power to spread a message. As a spiritual-minded apparel brand, Miles' goal is to inspire and empower others with clothes that have deeper meaning.

This project was started in high school as a way to combine what he was learning about reality, design, and culture into one brand. Since then, Almighty Vision has grown into a vibrant community of people who value self-expression and spiritual growth. The brand is currently running slowly in the background growing and changing with the current market ecosystem. Miles plans to re-drop some of the original pieces with twist in the future keeping sustainability and emerging technology in mind. 


The Showroom LA

Showroom LA is a distinguished luxury apparel company specializing in reselling high-end fashion pieces to a discerning clientele. They take great pride in their commitment to offering the finest selection of designer apparel and accessories, always staying attuned to the latest trends. Miles collaborated with their team and CEO to create a logo and establish brand associations. Despite its simplicity, the logo has earned acclaim for effectively conveying a sense of luxury and cleanliness.